How to use heat transfer vinyl

Nowadays, customers in the thermal transfer industry are pushing the market, urging the heat transfer vinyl products on the market to meet the needs of customers, and the htv products are continuously improved to enhance product characteristics and advantages. Many customers don’t know how to use thermal transfer film, the following is the engineer of Dauelsen to explain the use of lettering film.

1. Industrial application of heat transfer vinyl

Mainly used in clothing (basketball clothes, football jersey, swimwear, cycling wear, outdoor wear), luggage, shoes and hats, advertising and other industries, suitable for polyester, surface, Lycra, leather and other fabrics.

2. Explanation of the use process of thermal transfer film

1) Spot color lettering film

Design the pattern on the computer, and then use the cutting plotter to engrave the pattern on the lettering film, tear off the excess part except the lettering film pattern, cut the pattern containing the lettering film, and transfer the lettering film pattern to the ironing material, and then After cooling, tear off the PET film to complete the hot stamping process.

2) Color inkjet film (printable lettering film)

Design the pattern on the computer, use the spray-engraving machine to engrave the pattern, tear off the excess part of the pattern on the engraving film, and remove the waste of the engraving film composite positioning film, then heat the pattern, and then tear it off after cooling PET film, complete the hot stamping process.

3. Matters needing attention during the use of heat transfer vinyl

1) Choose different transfer vinyl according to hot stamping fabrics and customer needs

2) The transfer vinyl has release and adhesive release substrate, so you should be careful when discharging waste. It cannot be reset when the stripped substrate is discharged with words, which will affect the hot stamping effect.

3) Pay attention to the “three principles of hot stamping”: time, temperature, and pressure

4) Pay attention to the tearing method of the lettering film after hot stamping: cold peeling/hot peeling/warm peeling.

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