Classification of Laser Foils

Laser foil is generally manufactured by computer lattice lithography technology, 3D true color holography technology, multiplex and dynamic imaging and other technologies. The holographic image with rainbow dynamic and three-dimensional effect is transferred to PET, BOPP, PVC or coated substrate by molding, and then the surface of the product packaging can obtain a certain laser effect by lamination, hot stamping, transfer, etc. Laser foil can be divided into laser aluminized foil, laser transfer foil, laser rainbow foil, laser transparent foil, laser dielectric foil, special version laser foil, full version laser foil, laser composite foil, seamless laser foil and so on. The various laser foils are described in more detail below.

1. Laser aluminized foil

Laser aluminized foil is processed by vacuum aluminum plating; it has the advantages of plump and smooth aluminized layer, good adhesion of aluminum layer, strong adhesion to ink, etc. It is suitable for lithographic, gravure, flexo and other printing; widely used in Flexible packaging, handbags, wrapping paper, gift boxes, lamination, decoration, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, laser embossing laser and other fields.

2. Laser transfer foil

The laser transfer foil can be laminated with copper plate, white card and white paper, and it is also suitable for laminating paper products such as high-end medicine boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, books, magazines, paper boxes, etc. The holographic laser foil is laminated on the cardboard with a transfer laminating machine, and the foil is removed to become a laser transfer paper, which does not contain any plastic components, and can be directly printed on the surface.

3. Laser rainbow foil

The color of the laser rainbow foil is formed by light interference, and the color varies with the observation angle. Laser color foil is divided into red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colors. It can be compounded with paper, plastic and artificial leather of different colors. After compounding, it can also be embossed, hot stamped, printed, etc. Making patterns on the surface of the laser foil can make it more colorful. Laser rainbow foil is suitable for handbag wrapping paper, gift boxes and other fields.

4. Laser transparent foil

Laser transparent foil is mainly used for flexible packaging lamination of paper products, audio and video products and clothing transparent packaging bags. The laser pattern of the laser transparent foil is not protected by a dielectric layer, and has the characteristics of transparency, good surface brightness, few crystal points, uniform thickness, accurate gram weight, and good anti-counterfeiting performance.

5. Laser dielectric foil Laser dielectric foil refers to a layer of dielectric layer on the basis of laser transparent foil, which can play the role of protecting the pattern or text in the laser foil. The brightness of its laser light is several times stronger than that of ordinary transparent foil, and the laser pattern is resistant to acid and alkali, which cannot be wiped off, effectively protecting the layer. Laser dielectric foil is widely used in the anti-counterfeiting packaging of high-end medicine boxes, wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, toothpaste boxes, soap boxes, gift boxes, notebook covers and other high-end products.

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